Equipment inspection and guard tour management system

With Tourperfect, you can easily create equipment, location, and guard tour inspections,

Equipment inspection Guard tours Reports and statistics

Tourperfect lets you plan routes and equipment verification by grouping series of identifiers and, if applicable, setting a frequency of verification.

The condition and location of your various equipment will then be inspected at the desired frequency. The results will be recorded in the same way as the data collected by your security guards or inspectors during their rounds.

Inspection questions are customizable and may trigger other questions, depending on what values are ​​entered. This is what makes Tourperfect the most advanced and flexible system on the market.

Whether you're the manager of a hospital centre, an office building, a school, or a manufacturing site, it's imperative that you manage routine checks effectively.

Tourperfect allows you to create separate routes to efficiently manage the checks of your strategic safety points. The software is able to manage patrols spanning more than one building by grouping the various checkpoints that make up a route. It also allows you to specify an order of priority for each building.

Electronic data collection makes it possible to keep an accurate history of all the inspections and routine checks carried out by your staff and external subcontractors.

Tourperfect lets you quickly compile the information you need, including dates and times, the names of inspectors or guards, tour durations, the amount of time between verification points, the answers to inspection questions, and any anomalies that may have occurred during inspections.

Tourperfect reports can be printed or sent by email. They are also recognized by insurers.

Inspection management

Tourperfect is a routine verification management software. It is designed to address follow-up needs concerning a wide variety of routine actions, such as patrols and equipment inspections.

Tourperfect is compatible with various data acquisition units, including NFC, RFID, and barcode readers.

SaaS or on-premise

The web application is offered as SaaS (hosted on our secure servers) or on-premise (installed on your own servers).

Tourperfect is available in Standard, Premium, and Enterprise versions, which vary in features and maximum number of users.

Sample features
Advanced inspections

Customize inspections according to your needs.

Periodic inspections

Plan periodic equipment inspections.

Automated report delivery

Generate and send reports automatically.

IOS and Android mobile app

Use a mobile app for equipment inspections and guard tours.