Equipment management system

With Equipmentperfect, you can easily manage equipment loans and their status with a simple equipment management software.

Equipment loans Centralized database Reports and statistics

Equipmentperfect efficiently manages loans while reducing paperwork and processing times.

Loans can be made either short-term, with a due date, or long-term, on an open basis (i.e., with no specific return date), for equipment such as laptops and mobile devices provided to employees. Late returns are easy to track via a notification system that indicates overdue loans.

The equipment management software allows you to automate the loan process by using external components such as barcode readers, RFID chips, signature tablets, and access card readers.

With Equipmentperfect, loan information is available throughout your organization. As part of the Controlperfect suite, the equipment management software uses a centralized database to store borrower identification data and loan information, thereby preventing duplication of data, facilitating backup strategies, and enabling data mining.

Every loan is linked to a specific person's file, regardless of the department or division from which it originates, and loans are visible to anyone who consults a file.

Different types of reports are available to allow your organization to track equipment loans. Transaction log, inventory, and loaned equipment lists, including return dates, can be easily generated.

A special report can also be generated by the equipment management software to allow for rigorous monitoring of late returns. You can insert a calibration table, update information about scheduled maintenance, and more.

Equipment management

Tools, electronics, vehicles, and various other types of equipment are regularly borrowed by both employees and visitors, thus necessitating an efficient equipment management software.

Lost, damaged, or stolen equipment can quickly increase your operating costs due to the time and money required to locate or replace missing items.

SaaS or on-premise

The web application is offered as SaaS (hosted on our secure servers) or on-premise (installed on your own servers).

Equipmentperfect's equipment management solution is available in Standard, Premium, and Enterprise versions, which vary in features and maximum number of users.

Sample features
Late loan notifications

Receive notifications when loans are overdue.

Maintenance planning

Plan equipment maintenance.

Integration with Visitorperfect

Loan equipment to visitors.

Research and statistics

Research equipment loans.