Reporting and procedure management system

Report management made simple. With Reportperfect, you can easily create clear, comprehensive, and detailed reports.

Report creation Procedure management Research and statistics Incident management

Reportperfect simplifies and standardizes the process of writing your reports and follow-ups. The reporting software instantly produces quality reports that are easily accessible at all times.

The complete set of reporting tools lets you customize each type of report and make each form field optional or mandatory.

Our reporting system allows you to attach photos, videos, documents, and more to your files to illustrate or clarify your reports and keep visual and auditory evidence.

Reportperfect's report management software allows you to develop a procedure manual that you can quickly access in case of an event. Managing your procedures is simpler than ever, and you have access to all updated information.

A drafting and approval process is part of the procedure management module.

Access rights to procedures are managed according to user roles and locations. You can restrict access and determine who has the right to see any given procedure according to their roles in the organization.

Reportperfect makes it possible to expand your activities by linking various sites while using a centralized database. Since all information comes from the central database, subsequent searches are easier.

The report system makes it easy to search for an event by date, name, type of report, or even words in the description. You can also narrow down searches with the help of a wide selection of filters.

Statistics can be generated and placed in dashboards or inserted into reports and sent automatically by email.

Reportperfect includes a complete incident management system that makes incident reporting easy.

The incident management software let's you create incident reports as soon as they happen.

Allow your incident management team to properly take care of your employees.  

Report management

Reportperfect is a report management software that allows you to easily manage the continuous flow of information that passes through an organization every day.

Reports can be modified or annotated, and you can keep track of these modifications accurately.

Managers can be automatically notified of new reports that need attention or action.

SaaS or on-premise

The web application is offered as SaaS (hosted on our secure servers) or on-premise (installed on your own servers).

Reportperfect is available in Standard, Premium, and Enterprise versions, which vary in features and maximum number of users.

Sample features
Customizable reports

Reports can be customized for report type.

Automated report delivery

Reports can be generated and sent automatically.

Statistics and dashboards

Statistics and dashboards are available.

Assignment of follow-ups

Follow-ups can be generated according to report type and location.