Key, lock, and key loan management system

With Keyperfect, you can easily manage keys, key loans, doors, and locks.

Key and keyring loans Organization and hierarchy Reports and statistics

Keyperfect gives you control over long- and short-term key loans and reduces management time. For example, keyrings can be identified using an RFID or HID key fob to speed up loan processing.

With the key and lock management system, key loans can be either short-term, with a return date, or long-term, with no specific return date.

Since the key holders managed by Keyperfect come from the central database, the manager can access their key loan histories all in one place.

Keyperfect allows you to group and organize locks and keys by hierarchy in one key and lock management system, reducing key management costs for your security and maintenance services. Proper key organization allows managers to quickly determine which locks a key can open, ensuring a high level of access management.

Door information specifies not only the lock currently associated with a door, but also all the locks that have been associated with it in the past and all key holders with current or previous access.

Keyperfect allows you to manage a variety of information, including catalog codes, assembly codes, cut codes, distributors, and corresponding manufacturers.

With Keyperfect, key information is available throughout your organization. As part of the Controlperfect suite, Keyperfect uses a centralized database to store information about each key and its corresponding locks, as well as loan information, allowing for easy data mining.

The key and lock management system gives you instant access to a variety of comprehensive histories from many different perspectives. These histories can make research far simpler when an incident occurs. For example, a key's file quickly tells you who’s had access to a given location, whether on a specific date or over a longer period.

Key and lock management

Keyperfect is a key and lock management solution for large companies with many keys in circulation.

With Keyperfect, managers can find out at any time who has which keys and which doors they have access to. It’s also easy to determine which holders can access any given door.

SaaS or on-premise

The web application is offered as SaaS (hosted on our secure servers) or on-premise (installed on your own servers).

Keyperfect' key and lock management system is available in Standard, Premium, and Enterprise versions, which vary in features and maximum number of users.

Sample Features
Late loan notifications

Receive notifications when loans are overdue.

Loan automation with readers

Speed up your lending process using devices such as RFID readers.

Integration with Visitorperfect

Loan keys to visitors.

Research and statistics

Look up key holders and who has access to which doors.